Tower of Power Certified Gold

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Tower of Power Certified GoldIt’s awards season in the film and TV industry and seeing many television shows honoring work in movies and television prompted this post. There are various music awards shows, but not all recognition is done, annually. Some of it is cumulative.

Tower of Power, the band’s third album was released in 1973. There are two items about this album/CD that strike me as interesting.

  1. It is the only album/CD certified gold (500,000 or more units sold) by RIAA.
  2. It was certified gold in 1990; 17 years after its initial release.
Tower of Power Certified Gold

Database search results for Tower of Power Gold on

My natural curiosity suggests that with advent of compact discs and digital formats (for complete albums), perhaps there are other Tower of Power releases that may have reached a level of sales for Gold certification.

Mind you, RIAA is not a public service. In essence, they are the music industry scorekeeper for sales. It has been a while since I fully read the RIAA website, but here is what I remember.

An interested party (band, artist, record label) can fund a present-day count of sales for a relatively modest fee. My last look was probably ten years ago, and the fee was $200 or thereabouts, if memory services.

It strikes me that with the advent of new music formats and new legions of fans, that Tower of Power may have quietly surpassed Gold record sales for one or more albums. Older fans purchased fans started buying ‘at the beginning’. Younger fans, in many cases, may well have discovered some of Tower’s most prolific work, in reverse.

Releases and sales on CD and Digital Formats, such as, Bump City, Back To Oakland, Urban Renewal, In The Slot, and Ain’t Nothin’ Stopping Us Now would seem to fall into that category.

Funding the research for a few albums would provide one of two results.

  1. A specific album now has surpassed 500,000 units in sales. Hooray! Gold Record time.
  2. An album has not yet surpassed a half-million sales, BUT it may be getting quite close. For example, 486,000 units. A result, such as that, would suggest a campaign among present-day fans to fill out their collections, and put one or more albums over the 500,000 threshold.


From where I sit, Tower of Power could only benefit from Gold certification of additional albums in further enhancing their legacy, generally, and specifically on a path to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. How much fun would it be to attend present-day concert where a Gold Record presentation would be made.

It also sounds like a photo and publicity opportunity to me. Can’t have too many of those.

Your comments and thoughts would be appreciated.

Andy Ebon
CEO of Soul


Jesse McGuire kicks off football playoff with smoking’ National Anthem

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Dr. Jesse McGuire

Dr. Jesse McGuire

Dr. Jesse McGuire played trumpet with Tower of Power for about five years. His resume reads like a Who’s Who of soul, gospel, and rhythm and blues.

On a personal note: I admit to frequently hitting the mute button for pre-game performances of the National Anthem, because it is a hard song to do, and is seldom done well. No mute button, today.

Jesse is always at-home with the anthem, and today was a supreme rendition. Don’t take my word for it. If you missed it, visit for the post/video.

The National Anthem Should Be Played With Instruments More Often

CEO of Soul

Ray Greene and Tower of Power – Sound Check

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Ray Greene & Tower of Power

Tower of Power auditioned singers to follow in the footsteps of Larry Braggs, in the final months of 2013 Finally, as New Year’s Eve approached, it was announced that Ray Greene would be the new vocalist.

Fans of the band have their favorite musicians and singers, over 46 years… and will tell you about it, too. Debates rage about who gets it done.

Whether he realizes or not, Ray will be under the microscope for the next few months. Every aspect of his voice, delivery, stage presence and performance chemistry will be analyzed, chronicle, and detailed. Not surprising, really.

It’s interesting to note the variety of singers who have fronted Tower of Power over time. Rick Stevens is light years different than Ellis Hall. The silky style of Lenny Williams is a major contrast to Hubert Tubbs. Ray Greene well you’ll just have to decide for yourself.

Take a glimpse into this sound check for a few clues. During a sound check, lead vocalists try not to over-sing and spend their vocal stamina without an audience. It’s more about timing or rehearsing a specific part. However, in this run-through of Soul With A Capital “S”, you’ll begin to understand why Ray is part of the band. And you’ll be aware of the next performance in your neighborhood.

CEO of Soul

Rocco Prestia’s kidney transplant: URGENT UPDATE

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A Letter From Rocco: Posted to Facebook, late last evening.
Rocco Prestoa

“Hey everybody, Rocco here. I just wanted to give you an update on what’s happening with me. First off I’d like to thank everyone who has either donated to my medical fund or given their time and energy.It is greatly appreciated to say the least!

As far as my health goes, as you know, I am not well enough to be on the road with Tower Of Power at this time.

My kidney function numbers although way below normal have been holding steady. I’m feeling OK however I am in need of a kidney transplant as soon as possible. According to the medical team, even though I feel OK right now my condition can deteriorate suddenly.

I know some of you thought we had a donor and we were ready to go. Unfortunately at the 11th hour that changed. After some final testing, the person who was a match is no longer a viable donor. Needless to say, there was a lot of disappointment. Now we are regrouping and again looking for potential donors. If anyone is interested there is more information available at as well as You can also email me at 

It’s hard to find the right words to express how much I appreciate the generosity and love you have shown me so for now I’ll just say so long and and I’ll see you down the road!!

THANK YOU so much for your support!



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