About Tower of Power: Past, Present, Future

About Tower of Power: Past, Present, Future

About Tower of Power

Tower of Power 1973 – photo by Bruce Steinberg

From 1968, to today, Tower of Power continues to bust loose with its own timeless brand of soul music.

Tower of Power’s music has always been challenging to define or describe. The band has been, and continues to be, a fascinating amalgam of talent. Its most prolific period, with Warner Brothers Records, showcased a rare and formidable combination of talents under the leadership of Emilio Castillo.

With principle songwriters of Doc Kupka and Emilio Castillo, and horn arrangements of Greg Adams as the foundation, the musicianship of the entire ensemble syncopated with the precision of a Swiss watch.

DocEmilio and Greg were complemented by powerful trumpet and trombone of Mic Gillette and the soaring soulful ease of Lenny Pickett on lead tenor sax.

The rhythmic synergy of David Garibaldi on drums, percolating percussion of Brent Byars, and finger-style funk of Rocco Prestia on bass, gave Tower of Power its sophisticated syncopation. The distinctive guitar solos of Bruce Conte and the world class B-3 work of Chester Thompson, complete the rhythm section in full effect.

The silky and soaring vocals of Lenny Williams contrasted, brilliantly, against the force of the band. It is amazing that four of the eleven members, from that period, are with the band, today.

The Extended Tower of Power Family

About Tower of Power

Tower of Power 2013

Through the years, before and since, there have been a plethora of fine musicians and vocalists who have ‘held a chair’ in Tower of Power. It is not a position one owns. A band member is a caretaker of that seat. Tower’s sound has had an evolutionary ebb and flow as different musicians and singers lend their talents to the band.

In presenting information on the Tower of Power legacy, the approach will be offered from various angles. The current lineup is always important, but this website will also trace the lineage in of members and music.

All musicians and vocalists that has recorded with the band will be included. There are periods when some musicians toured with the band, but did not record. They will be included, too, as information becomes available.

As well, other contributors will be profiled: Songwriters, arrangers, additional musicians, producers, backup vocalists, and crew. Each person plays their own significant role.

Through all these people, TowerOfPower.net follows the Tower of Power family tree; those who have been part of it, influenced it, and those who have been influenced by it. That’s quite a universe of horn-driven funk and soul.

Take any path you wish. There is no right or wrong way to explore the site. Depending on how long you have been following Tower of Power‘s music, you may well discover something new. It may not be new, in the chronological sense, just new to you. So dig in.

Andy Ebon
CEO of Soul

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