Tower of Power Fansite Counts Down to 50 Years

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East Bay GreaseTower of Power‘s music hit me like a lightning bolt with its first album, East Bay Grease. Many years later, through a chance series of events, I became the band’s first webmaster in 1997, launching (later,, serving the band and its fans for a decade.

The band, and its new management, decided to go another direction with the website in 2007. And since then, Tower of Power has changed management again, and added a solid public relations presences, resulting in more recordings, special appearances, and television coverage.

I have been reinvigorated to create a fresh Tower of Power fan site,   It will be inclusive as had been the case with the original

The concept for this new site goes beyond the roster of current and past band members.. And, the plan is to make it as fan-friendly as possible. 

There will be surprises along the way. For the moment, I’ll leave it at that.

I’ve launched a website that is nowhere near finished. It is the quintessential Labor of Love, and will expand in baby steps. Please enjoy it… I’m looking forward to reconnecting with fans of Tower of Power and its extended family.

Two more things:

  1. In August 2014, Tower of Power celebrated 46 years together. Today, they are well into their 47th year. So, I’ve started a countdown to the band’s 50th Anniversary.
  2. Rock’n’Roll Hall of FameTower of Power is not just the source of musical enjoyment for generations of fans, it has been the gold standard and inspiration for professional and casual musicians, alike. From time to time, there is discussion about the absence of Tower of Power from the Rock Hall. I’ll admit, I’m unfamiliar with the path to induction, but I plan to bring fresh energy to the process, and will need the support of every fan and musician who calls themselves a Tower of Power devotee.

Curious…? Check in, often…

Andy Ebon
CEO of Soul


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Tower of Power Fan Site Counts Down to 50 Years Read all about it