Train Accident – David Garibaldi and Marc Van Wageningen Injured

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Train Accident - David Garibaldi

David Garibaldi

Train Accident

Thursday evening, at 7:30 pm, David Garibaldi and Marc Van Wageningen (subbing for Rocco Prestia) were walking from their hotel to Yoshi’s nightclub and were struck by a train  (train accident). Train tracks run directly in front of Yoshi’s. Tower of Power was scheduled for two shows, 8 and 10 pm, at Yoshi’s (Jack London Square, Oakland). Both shows were cancelled.  Thursday was the final night of a 6-night booking.

Official Update from Emilio Castillo

“I was at the hospital last night and saw David, but Marc was in intensive care and I wasn’t able to see him. Dave’s head and face were pretty swollen and bruised but he was lucid and expected to recover.

Marc Van WAgeningen

Marc Van WAgeningen

Marc came through surgery well; his internal bleeding was stopped and they were waiting for him to stabilize in order to do further testing. The doctors were cautiously optimistic.

We appreciate the responses and prayers from our former bandmates, friends, and fans and we all remain hopeful and in prayer.”

Emilio Castillo – Bandleader for Tower of Power

Editor’s Comment

Emilio’s comment should be taken as OFFICIAL NEWS. The entire situation should be taken as fluid. 

Despite other contributions on Facebook and elsewhere, information is mostly second and third hand. It only leads to further speculation, which isn’t particularly helpful.

As fans and friends, we have both concern and curiosity about Dave and Marc’s injuries and healing. That’s natural. The best thing we can be doing, right now, is sharing our thoughts and prayers. Emilio will keep us posted as new information is available.

Tower of Power is an Oakland-based band playing horn-driven East Bay Soul Music since 1968. David Garibaldi is the band’s drummer and one of its founding members. Marc Van Wageningen was subbing for Rocco Prestia on Thursday.

Andy Ebon
CEO of Soul

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